Mario Day March 10th 2023

Why is March the 10th Mario Day you ask? Because when you write the date ‘Mar 10’ it looks like his name (Mar10)!

Although people have been celebrating the date for longer, Nintendo officially recognised it as a holiday back in 2016.

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The first Super Mario Bros game was released in 1985 but Mario actually appeared in the classic game Donkey Kong way back in 1981. Since then, he has been in over 200 games, many TV shows, Anime and books. He was played by Bob Hoskins in a live action movie in 1993 and the new animated ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ starring Chris Pratt is heading to theatres in April.

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Of course, The Super Mario Bros. world doesn’t stop with Mario himself. He has a whole host of friends and antagonists who have become just as well known as he has. From his brother Luigi to Princess Peach, Bowser to Yoshi, the Mario franchise is massive. This can be seen from the huge amounts of merchandise and toys available. Check out some of them on our website today –

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